Who We Are

It's not the dance that matters, it's the music. Tango Argentino is a language to be spoken through your emotions.

Our Philosophy & Vision

We offer a comprehensive program that will introduce you to the Authentic Argentine Tango, Milonga, Candombe and Vals-Cruzado for Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced students.

Our courses will expose you to the art of dance and passion that ignites the culture behind it. Tango Academy Arizona is the Premier Argentine Tango taught exclusively by the hand of Argentine born Tango Maestro


Maestro J. L. González-Becerra has been an inspirational teacher at The Aura and an educator of the Authentic Argentine Tango in Southern California for twenty years. Recently he has founded the Tango Academy Arizona and The Aura ( Your personal guide to happiness )

His teaching is rooted in the traditions of the neighborhood of the barrio Montserrat - Congreso in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina where he was born, raised and educated. His dance is inspired  primarily by his forefathers whose tango legacy was passed onto him, it became an extension of himself, a way of life, indeed. He was educated and trained in the performing arts since a very early age.

He is also the founder and president of TAOP Fine Artisan Shoes
, a combination of beauty, comfort and craftsmanship.