Isadora open toe                            Isadora & Ninfa open toe

         Gala open toe                                       Nippona close toe


  Ninfa open toe


 Designs by T A O P

Fine Artisan Shoes

( Industria Argentina )

Beauty and comfort combined in a unique all leather footwear.

Designed exclusively for the most discriminating taste.

Highly recommended for daily wear.

A leather sole is better for any surface. All sizes available.

 T A O P Shoes are available for purchase by appointment only


                 Ninfa                             Percanta                        Nippona open toe


                                Gala close toe                                       Percanta open toe


                                     Mumuki                                                  Leticia


Few sizes left on Men shoes
7, 7˝, 9, 10 ˝ , 11, 11˝

TAOP Fine Artisan Shoes ( Industria Argentina)

c/o Diverse Elements

3130 E Union Hills Dr Suite 104

Phoenix AZ 85050