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Thanks for your dedicated teaching of the true tango. Thanks to your students for helping me learning.

Tien Nguyen


Maestro González-Becerra,
I wanted to offer my gratitude as you have acted as a catalyst in my process of individuation and becoming whole as a woman.
As a Depth Psychotherapist, we study myths, archetypes, and shadow. Both ancient and modern stories assist in our process of individuation and becoming whole as unconscious becomes conscious.
There is something quite significant about Tango, in particular, what you bring of yourself to this dance. For that I am grateful. I have been allowed to be vulnerable in a safe and nurturing space and embraced in a way that has been healing. The reparative work has been done; you have healed the healer,
with gratitude,


I wore my shoes to work to break them in and I am pleasantly surprised at the comfort. Kudos to the quality and craftsmanship !!!!


Hi Jorge,
So I was driving in to work this morning (listening to my new CD's of course!) when what you've been saying for the last year sunk in (it can happen, eventually…). I think it sunk in, anyway.
If we can't Tango the Basic with intention and beauty and respect for the music and four legs as two, we sure as heck aren't ready to do so with a thousand different steps in our vocabulary. I think maybe I actually understand what you said, now, finally.
I come to realize it's actually harder and more rewarding to Tango (and probably more respectful of what Tango is??) with limited steps, because you can't make up for weaknesses by throwing in all sorts of extraneous steps and figures that "look cool". Only then is one ready to Tango with a wider vocabulary.
Anyways, that's how I saw things this morning…



Dear Jorge Luis,
I hope today - as your every day - is full of joy, passion, humor, love, and inspiration. All the things you also bring to all who know you!
With warmest wishes on your birthday,


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well. Many thanks for all your generosity, all you have shared with me and taught me. I would not be the person I am today without your guidance and inspiration.



Dear Jorge,

I'm forever grateful that you are my first Tango Maestro. You are the best at appreciating and communicating a true passion for the artistry of tango and the vital importance of loving the music and the person you dance with. Much respect and much love.

Jason Taylor


Dearest Maestro,
We did not have a chance to keep talking after class yesterday, but I wanted to let you know that I believe we had a very good discussion and you touched upon the key issue we are facing at this point of our tango education. I was going to bring it up myself but you anticipated me and I am happy to see that we share the same vision.

I think education is a big part of why we do what we do and how we feel about it and how we experience it and how we share it with others, and you proved once more to be a great educator.
There are good professionals and then there are talented people, and I know you don't want to fabricate good professionals but you want to bring out the talent from individuals dedicated to this art.
I think many of us need to learn how to express and share the impact of tango by being more sensual, which means sharing with all our senses (you can call it energy if you prefer), through listening to the music, moving through the music, feeling each other's presence and experiencing those sublime moments with another human being. There cannot be the right intention behind our moves unless we fully integrate that humanity (or that god, like you say) into our tango
I think there may still be some misunderstandings, and we will need to keep bringing this up in class for us to really embrace this philosophy and way of life
up to the extent that each of us is willing to take it. which means becoming the best you can be. Being truthful is a difficult choice and one without compromises, and in order to get there you need to have a deep understanding of what humanity is about and fully know and embrace who you are.
It is a far goal but it is also something worth our while more than most other things we can dedicate our time to...and it takes a lot of dedication!
I'll be happy to keep sharing our path for as far as it will go, and I'll be looking forward to our next steps along this journey.

As Salvador Dali once you told me used to say to his wife "get sublime ! ... and she would know what to do...". I think it summarizes in a way what we need to do in tango. I am glad I am part of this.
all my best,


Hello Jorge,

My wife and I are moving to northern California, so we will no longer be able to attend any classes. But you should know that we took your class when we first started dating and now we are married. The class served as an integral part of our bonding. We thank you for that.

All the best,

Sean Kennedy


We enjoyed dancing with you at the Sunday Practica, and we loved the music that you chose. We also found your demonstration very beautiful.

Thanks again,



Hello Tango Academy! We loved your Tango Practica last night.



After a protracted absence, it was truly wonderful to be back at the practica last night. Great energy, wonderful music, and an inspiring maestro.



Dear Jorge Luis: Best wishes to you in 2011, and many thanks for the inspiration you have been in my journey both in tango and in life.



Thank you for sharing such an invigorating art form. Its vibrance truly does add color to my cheek.



We won't always know whose lives we touched and made better for our having cared, because actions can sometimes have unforeseen ramifications. Thank you for caring enough and doing what you do. You and the TAOP have enriched our lives immensely. Best wishes to you for 2011, THE BEST IS YET TO COME



And a happy and healthy new year to you. Thank you for your continued efforts towards helping Paloma and I thru this fantastic journey. We appreciate greatly your time, efforts and dedication. Thank you so much indeed.



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