The Aura

an inspiring source to reach completeness

The aura is a ring of energy surrounding the body of a living creature, the very essence of the human spirit.

In Tango we refer to the “circle of energy", this aura that we share with each other -- cultivating an awareness of this aura is not just beneficial for the dance aspect of tango, this Philosophy also can help us improve all of our interactions with the people and the world around us. It's an inspirational person to person program designed to explore the very essence of the human spirit providing solutions and inspiration for all areas of your life.


       The Philosophy of Tango can improve your:

  • Relationships
  • Friendships
  • Professional Success
  • Personal Development

In a deeply personal and transformational spiritual journey, The Philosophy of Tango and your Personal Maestro will do serious inner-work with you. Confront the barriers in your heart, and learn to expand yourself as a person. The Philosophy of Tango is not just about a dance; it is about culture, lifestyle, and ideology. Tango is life, a way of life: building connection, experiencing love, appreciating beauty, offering creativity and generosity.


The culture we live in can be isolating and dispiriting. The Philosophy of Tango can help us connect with our community, bring beauty and high quality experiences into our lives, and teach us about connection and interaction. Sessions with your Personal Maestro will consist of conversation, answers and solutions to your questions and a deep exploration of the very core of your character and into your personality and culture. 




The Philosophy of Tango will teach you to:

  • Make deeper connections with the self and others
  • Strengthen your body and soul awareness
  • Share loving energy with others
  • Increase your ability to communicate
  • Lead with effectiveness
  • Collaborate generously
  • Live with authority
  • The power of forgiveness
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